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Art, Plants And Time Turn a P.V. Horse Property Into A Private Nature Retreat

Via azcentral.com The backyard to Rick and Barbara Rosenberg’s cool home is part outdoor museum, part botanical garden and part arty natural preserve Wide gravel pathways meander between Texas ebony and ironwood trees and cacti of all shapes and sizes. Spiny lizards and Gambel’s quail scatter underneath thorny shrubs. Shaded benches invite visitors to relax and commune with nature, but those who keep walking will discover more than a dozen

How Can Tucson Electric Get Solar + Storage For 4.5¢/kWh?

Via utilitydive.com Subsidies and aggressive pricing assumptions are key to the stunning Arizona PPA price, analysts say Tucson Electric Power’s recently signed power purchase agreement for a solar-plus-storage project has been hailed for its low price, but it also signals a solution that could become more common as renewable energy grid integration problems grow. TEP declined to reveal the exact pricing, but the all-in cost for the solar-plus-storage project is

6 Arizona Young Women Are Taking On The STEM Gender Gap

Via azcentral.com Think of the last time you went to get your car’s engine looked at or needed help recovering files on a computer. Who helped you? Odds are, it wasn’t a woman. Historically, men have dominated science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, fields. That can be problematic; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says STEM occupations grew at twice the rate of other jobs from 2009 to 2015 and tend to pay more than the

Lincoln Institute Launches Babbitt Center For Land And Water Policy In Phoenix

Via prnewswire.com The Lincoln Institute today announced the establishment of the Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy, the centerpiece of a new initiative to integrate land use planning and the management of an increasingly scarce resource. The Center, which will be based in Phoenix, is named for Bruce Babbitt, former Arizona governor, Interior secretary, and longtime board member of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Jim Holway, who has

An End To Tucson’s Growth Wars

Via hcn.org As the small Cessna airplane flies above Tucson, its passengers see the rugged, low-lying Tortolita Mountains to the east, followed by the huge green blocks of cotton fields. Over to the west, the bright blue Central Arizona Project canal slices through the desert. Farther south rise the untrammeled desert mountains of Saguaro National Park-West. This aerial view showcases both the conservation successes and failures in the Sonoran Desert

Arizona Jaguar

Via azcentral.com In Teddy Roosevelt’s day jaguars roamed from the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona to New Mexico’s Rio Grande and across much of southern Texas. But following decades of persecution by hunters and government predator control agents, native jaguars vanished from the United States. In recent years, a handful of intrepid male jaguars like “Macho B” and “El Jefe” have returned to the U.S., traveling north from

Court Rejects Arizona’s Challenge To EPA-imposed Emissions Rules

Via tucsonsentinel.com The Environmental Protection Agency was within its rights to impose certain standards on industrial sites in Arizona in place of state rules meant to ensure visibility in federal parks, a federal appeals court ruled. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected arguments by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and some of the manufacturers that the EPA actions were “arbitrary and capricious.” Part

Arizona wildfire officials expect 'above average' start to fire season

Via abc15.com From the desert floor to the cool pines of the high country, Arizona is blooming thanks to a wet winter. While pretty to look at, fire officials are cautioning that all of the growth now will likely lead to above normal chances for fire activity this summer. “We’re seeing a lot of the grasses and wildflowers start to come out, but when they dry out that creates what

Arizona’s 2017 Outdoor Expo One for the Record Books

AZGFD 2017 Outdoor Expo Arizona Game and Fish Department Via Ammoland.com For the second straight year, the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Outdoor Expo – the state’s largest free outdoor expo – has set an all-time attendance record. The event, presented by Shikar Safari Club International, drew 46,600 visitors over the March 25-26 weekend at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix. That shattered the previous two-day weekend record of

Mexican Wolf from Reintroduction Effort Captured in Arizona

Via krqe.com A female Mexican wolf from an ongoing reintroduction effort in Mexico has been captured on private ranch land in southeastern Arizona. U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials say the wolf captured Sunday has been relocated to the Sevilleta Wolf Management Facility in New Mexico, where it is in good health. Management agencies in the U.S. and Mexico will determine the most appropriate long-term management action for the young wolf.