Innovation Is Thriving In Arizona

Via Arizona knows that attracting great minds is easy when you give them the tools and support they need to go faster and further than ever before. Arizona is home to a surging ecosystem of global giants, early stage entrepreneurs and tech-savvy Millennial talent who are breaking new ground across a wide range of industry growth sectors. What’s more, Arizona offers a robust portfolio of programs and resources supporting

Arizona Digital-currency ATMs Help Make Virtual Cash A Reality

Via ATMs specializing in the cryptocurrency bitcoin are popping up in the Phoenix area. They look like ATMs and they work like ATMs — you walk in and feed the machine your cash. Just don’t call them money machines, because these ATMs don’t give back cash, they give back bitcoin credits along with a receipt. ATMs specializing in the cryptocurrency bitcoin are beginning to pop up from Peoria to

Via That information comes from an annual study published by New York based personal finance technology company SmartAsset this week. After cracking the top 10 in the study last year, Sierra Vista remains the only city in Arizona to make the list of the top 25. SmartAsset ranked 201 cities that had data for the five metrics it uses and noted that only 12 other cities in the study

New Executive Director Looks To Grow Tech Council

Via Jeff Sales wasn’t looking for a job last spring when he heard the Arizona Technology Council was looking for a new executive director for Southern Arizona. Sales is a partner in a small tech firm but found he had extra time, so when a couple of friends told him the Tech Council opening would be right up his alley, he checked it out. “I went through what they

Arizona Edges To Front Of States Eyeing Blockchain Technology

Via Before Arizona could be recognized as a leader in blockchain technology legislation there was one major challenge – helping lawmakers “get your head around” exactly what the technology is. “It was very difficult, you know, trying to explain to people,” said Arizona State Rep. Jeff Weninger, R-Chandler. “You never want to vote for something that you don’t fully understand and this is, to say the least, a tough

'Frivilous' Lawsuits Target Business Websites The blind person alleges that the text to audio on the website isn’t compatible and therefore he cannot use it. There’s a new wave of disability-access lawsuits rolling into Arizona and finding businesses to sue is now as simple as surfing the internet. Across the country, plaintiffs and attorneys have been testing cases filed against businesses whose websites they claim discriminate against people with disabilities. Those lawsuits are beginning

Arizona Legislation A Model For Implementing 5G Technology

Via Arizona lawmakers have been at the forefront when it comes to laying the groundwork for 5G, the next generation of wireless telecommunications technology, a group of experts said Tuesday. The panel of industry and government officials said Arizona could become one of the first states with 5G technology, and they credited measures like the state’s HB 2365, which streamlines the permitting process for the faster networks. Fifth-generation, or

Technology Allows Buyers To Purchase Tucson Homes Without Stepping Foot Inside

A “dollhouse” view from above gives potential buyers a quick view of rooms’ relative sizes. Some discouraged sellers are turning to the 3-D technology to get their properties moving. Via Tucson-area homebuyers are purchasing properties without physically stepping foot in them using a new technology that some are calling a game-changer in the real estate market. RE/Max Excalibur real estate agency in Tucson partners with Matterport, an immersive media

Report Finds Arizona Businesses Hit Hard By Malware

Via A new report by a cybersecurity firm shows Arizona businesses lead the nation in malware detections. Malwarebytes examined data from its client companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. In the first quarter of this year, Malwarebytes found incidents in Arizona increased 1,332 percent compared with the same period a year earlier. “It’s really malicious software that’s been designed to take advantage of people and companies,” Michael Peters said.