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As NAFTA Talks Loom, Mexican Officials Visit Business Leaders

Via As talks about revisiting the North American Free Trade Agreement approach, Mexico is aggressively promoting a message of wanting to preserve and enhance the 23-year-old treaty. But rolling back any provisions that Mexico views as favorable to all three countries is not negotiable, Kenneth Smith Ramos, head of the Trade and NAFTA office at the Embassy of Mexico, said during a recent visit to Southern Arizona. “We want

Via PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona rancher who fought for years to retain sole use of his “Bar 7” cattle brand won a big victory Thursday in the Arizona Supreme Court when the court ruled the state did not have the legal right to let another cattle company use it to brand its cows. The unanimous court ruling said the state violated a decades-old law that bars an identical

Promoting And Preparing Metro Phoenix's Middle-Skilled Workforce

Via Inside a brightly lit room with a constant buzz of machines, Kirill Motenko is on a mission. “I have no background in this at all,” he said. After years working as a meat cutter, Motenko is learning to cut metal. More precisely, how to tell a machine to do it. “From the blueprints, you take the measurements, which ones you need and then you have to write that

Via PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Department of Gaming says contributions to the state from tribal gambling revenue will be more than $26 million for the quarter that ended on June 30. That’s a 4.8 percent increase when compared with the same quarter in the 2016 fiscal year. Department of Gaming director Daniel Bergin said Tuesday that after a few down quarters, this is a positive start to the

ADOT Hopes High-tech Checkpoints Will Keep Truckers Rolling Along

Via The Arizona Department of Transportation will soon roll out sensor technology at seven commercial trucking checkpoints designed to keep the state’s trucking industry rolling along. Traditionally, ADOT has relied on inspectors to evaluate the weight, credentials and safety status of trucks entering the state. During the next month, the department will begin using a system called Drivewyze Preclear, which uses cameras and sensors embedded in the roadway to scan

3 Ways Schools In Arizona Use Technology To Empower Future-Ready Students

Via Innovation in the state of Arizona is not an entirely new thing. Arizona State University has been at the top of the list of U.S. News and World Report’s Most Innovative Schools for every year that it has been a category. One crowning achievement is the school’s Smart Campus initiative, which just snagged an award for game day technology at its football stadium. It only makes sense that

'Frivilous' Lawsuits Target Business Websites The blind person alleges that the text to audio on the website isn’t compatible and therefore he cannot use it. There’s a new wave of disability-access lawsuits rolling into Arizona and finding businesses to sue is now as simple as surfing the internet. Across the country, plaintiffs and attorneys have been testing cases filed against businesses whose websites they claim discriminate against people with disabilities. Those lawsuits are beginning

Phoenix v. Arizona Lawsuit: Roosevelt Row BID Nullified After months of controversy, there’s a ruling in the Phoenix v. Arizona lawsuit over the Roosevelt Row arts district. It nullifies years of work by downtown Phoenix community organizers. On Monday, July 24, Superior Court Judge Daniel Kiley ruled in favor of the state. The case stemmed from efforts to create a Roosevelt business improvement district (or BID) that would tax property owners in the Roosevelt Row neighborhood to

Arizona Legislation A Model For Implementing 5G Technology

Via Arizona lawmakers have been at the forefront when it comes to laying the groundwork for 5G, the next generation of wireless telecommunications technology, a group of experts said Tuesday. The panel of industry and government officials said Arizona could become one of the first states with 5G technology, and they credited measures like the state’s HB 2365, which streamlines the permitting process for the faster networks. Fifth-generation, or

Electric Cars And More Solar For Pima County Government

  Via The county government intends to increase its renewable energy supplies from 21 percent to 40 percent. Above, solar panels at Pima County’s Fleet Services facility. Solar panels at Pima County Fleet Services, 1291 S. Mission Road, provide the facility with most of its electrical needs. The county government intends to increase its renewable energy supplies from 21 percent to 40 percent. Above, solar panels at Pima County’s