Tucson RV Dealership Inks Deal With Costco

Tucson RV Dealership Inks Deal With Costco

Via rvbusiness.com

The ink is barely dry on the agreement, but Frost RV, a full service dealership in Tucson, Ariz., is already reaping the rewards of partnering with Costco as part of the members-only retailer’s RV Buyer & Referral Program.

General Sales Manager Paris Inman said Frost RV has already seen double the amount of online leads since becoming Costco’s “exclusive designated RV Dealer in southern Arizona.”

“We’re excited. It lends a tremendous amount of credibility to us as a store, to our products, and to our prices,” Inman said, who added that Costco representatives sought out Frost RV to participate in the RV Buyer & Referral Program.

The program is similar to Costco’s Auto Buyer & Referral Program, in which Costco members can purchase a vehicle at a predetermined discounted price.

“It’s the ‘no dicker sticker’ price,” Inman told RVBUSINESS.com. “It’s a great way to buy a car, or in our case an RV, for people who aren’t comfortable with the negotiating a price.”

Inman, who mentioned Costco’s pre-determined price still provides a reasonable margin for the dealership, said the partnership also allows Frost RV to display several units in a Costco parking lot for a predetermined weekend in what is known as an “RV Road Show.” Frost RV’s first such Road Show will take place later this month, and Inman is eager to see how successful the event will be.




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