Made in Arizona: This Valley Business Negotiates Car Prices For You

Made in Arizona: This Valley Business Negotiates Car Prices For You


SCOTTSDALE, AZ- The day Kirk Lipson’s son wanted to buy a car, he knew what kind of car he wanted to get but when it came to the financing part of it, he was clueless. That’s when Lipson’s idea for a new business came to life.

“My son is like many millennials, incredibly smart but when it came to financing he was completely lost,” said Lipson, president and CEO of MaxCar Pro. “And not only him, many women and busy business people, they don’t have the time, patience, desire or knowledge to negotiate when buying a car.”

The average time spent at a dealership is four hours, according to numbers from Scott Leuthold, owner of Prcevr Agency.

“We’ve conducted research and surveys over the last two months, and what we discovered interviewing people who actually purchased vehicles…really only 5 percent of the people interviewed actually enjoyed the car buying experience,” Leuthold said.

For Lipson the timing was perfect. He launched his business and in the last couple of weeks his plan and investment have started to pick up.

“For a flat fee we negotiate the price, the financing, gas it up and wash it for you,” Lipson said. “You can be at work and by the end of your shift, your new car will be waiting for you outside your workplace.”

He recommends that you do some homework with your bank, such as finding out how much financing you actually qualify, knowing your budget and spending limits is key to the affordability of your vehicle– the rest is up to them.

“Look at the car you can afford, you don’t want to jump into a vehicle that down the road you find out is out of your league,” Lipson said. “We handle it from there, wether it’s a $15,000 or a $150,000 car, we can do the work for you.”

MaxCar Pro is looking at setting the foundation here in the valley. Once Lipson gets the business where he wants and fixes the nicks and dents to the business, the goal is to expand to neighboring states and eventually go national.

“I’m a native. Born and raised here in Phoenix,” Lipson said. “We don’t plan on ever leaving the Valley if we don’t have to.”

Through the first few months MaxCar Pro is operating, 50 percent of all the profits will be donated to Playworks, a local non-profit organization here in our state.




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