State Parks Generated $1.5 Billion In Economic Output In 2016

The National Park Service had a record-breaking year, in which 331 million visitors spent almost $35 million at the country’s 417 national parks in 2016.

At home in Arizona, 12 million visitors spent $995.9 million at the state’s 25 national parks. The spending generated supported a total of 15,600 thousand jobs, $532.1 million in labor income, $881.4 million in value added, and $1.5 billion in economic output in the Arizona economy. Arizona came in at no. 6 for the top 10 states based no visitor spending.

The bulk of visitor spending was at hotels, which accounted for about 28.5 percent of the total spending.

Of course, the Grand Canyon saw the most visitors as well as the most spending, with 6 million visitors spending $648.2 million, accounting for roughly 65 percent of total visitor spending at Arizona’s national parks. The Grand Canyon was No. 3 in visitor spending in the country.

But Arizona’s visitors pumped a good chunk of dough into the other national parks as well. Click through the gallery to see the top 10 national parks in Arizona based on visitor spending.

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